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One Hour: Past, Present, Imperfect


An experimental and personal response to ‘one hour’. Investigating the realities and possibilities of capturing, retrieving, manifesting one hour. Contemplations on one hour. Explain, contain, make plain, one hour. Define time; present, past. Capture one hour, make visible the invisible. Manifest the endless one hour in an object or act. A constant, imposed measurement of the immeasurable. Embodiment of a memory; a moment in a place in time. Past, present, imperfect.


Past, Present, Imperfect #1

Past, Present, Imperfect # 1, a sight specific drawing, made using physical interaction and the natural properties of the grass.  Tethered to a post, and walking for an hour, twice, to create two circular paths, one with a diameter of 350cm, the other being 384cm.  In each case the measurements were of personal significance and the action both meditative and cathartic.  The action was filmed creating a visual piece charting the progress of this passage of time.

Past, Present, Imperfect #2

Past, Present, Imperfect # 2, a sight reactive, sculpture, consisting of two Möbius strips of 350cm diameter, 11m circumference (approximately) made of three layers of woven galvanised wire,  and 384cm diameter, 12m circumference (approximately) made using black plastic fencing material.  The Möbius stand alone but at the same time interact with each other in the physical placing and play of light on the structures, the integral flexibility of materials allowing for fluid placing depending on space available.  In each case the measurements were of personal significance.

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